Reversal Restoration provides comprehensive mold remediation and testing services. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold should NOT be growing in your home or work place and must be removed PROPERLY.

The first step in the process is to identify the extent of the mold contamination and its source…moisture. Once the source is identified and removed, the mold will go into a dormant state, but can still put off its mycotoxin which is what can cause health-related symptoms in certain individuals. Reversal Restoration believes strongly in helping to identify and correct the source so that once the Mold Remediation is complete, growth does not reoccur. This includes educating our clients on maintaining proper ventilation and humidity levels, along with the tools that can help them do so.

At Reversal Restoration, our biggest goal of mold remediation and removal is to eliminate and clean or replace contaminated materials in a way that prevents the emission of fungi and dust from leaving the affected area and entering an occupied or unaffected area. Cross contamination is a serious issue and one that can be avoided. Great care is taken on every job to ensure that any and all spores and fungi are completely contained and removed and that any affected materials are also removed and replaced. Reversal Restoration follows the Federal Standard for Mold Remediation, the S520, in order to insure our client’s safety.

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