Four Things To Do First and ONLY if you can do so safely:

  1. Is the fire out? If you are not able to extinguish the fire, immediately evacuate the home or office. CALL 911.
  2. If the fire is completely out, turn off your heating/cooling system immediately (this includes central AC’s, wall-mounted units, portable heaters, etc.). This will prevent smoke from going into the air ducts and entering other rooms.
  3. Open doors and windows so that fresh air is allowed to circulate. If you have portable fans, set them by open doors or windows, letting them blow the smoke-filled air outside.
  4. Do not try to assess the damage. Move away from the structure and call us. Our top priority is your safety. Once we are on the scene, we can begin to evaluate the situation and help you with next steps.

Fire damage can come from something as small as a kitchen fire to a major electrical fire. Damage can include both smoke and actually burning. Different types of smoke lead to different types of damage (grease fire smoke, chemical fires, chimney puff-backs). At Reversal Restoration, our team of seasoned professionals is experienced in dealing with all kinds of fire and smoke damage. We have special techniques customized for specific applications to restore your property.

As a contractor, it is our goal to restore your property to its original condition as professionally and efficiently as we can. We help you take one step at a time through the process so you and your property are taken care of.

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